Essentially the same as the last serial input lab, I rigged up an additional analog flex sensor to my potentiometer.  x and y values for the circle were mapped to the potentiometer and flex sensor respectively.  Having the y on the flex was fun, because when you weren’t pressing the sensor, it would return to the 0 position, which felt a little like bouncing a  ball!  And thankfully I managed to get everything working right before I snapped a pin off of my potentiometer into my breadboard!

Two Analog Inputs

Processing code after the jump

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I do a bit of 3D modeling  and animation and I always find myself wishing the modeling process was a more intuitive.  The disconnect between modeling using a mouse to control virtual 3d elements on a screen and modeling something with clay is immense!  Clay can actually be manipulated in 3 dimensions, while virtual 3d models can only be displayed and interacted with on a 2 dimensional screen – often constructed painstakingly on a polygon by polygon basis.

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